What does SiteCondor do?
SiteCondor programatically scans your website and extracts important site information which is then stored for your reference. You can use this data it to spot mistakes and drive improvements.
Who is SiteCondor for?
Digital marketing experts. Evaluating websites with hundreds/thousands of pages is tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. SiteCondor compresses hours of work into minutes.
What kind of resources does SiteCondor crawl?
HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, PDFs, and more. See the Features page for a full list.
Can I export the results?
Yes! Everything SiteCondor captures is available for CSV export so you can crunch the data however you'd like. You can also generate XML sitemaps for search engines.
Do you have an API?
All SiteCondor functionality is available via our RESTful API which makes it easy to integrate with other systems. Contact us for access and integration help.
How Can I identify traffic generated by SiteCondor?
SiteCondor uses the following User Agent when we crawl through your website:

'SiteCondor','Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SiteCondor; http://www.sitecondor.com)'

Filter or Segment this data out of your reports with Google Analytics to avoid inflation of your traffic.
Do I have to install anything?
Nope, SiteCondor is web-based. No downloads, no installs, no licenses.
What are Visualizations?
Graphical, visual representations of the sites.The Site Map visualization lets you quickly grasp the site hierarchy and navigational graph, while the URL Structure visualization enables you to understand the site URL organization and URL segment weights.
Who's behind SiteCondor?
Sebastián Brocher and Judd Lyon. Check out our About page.
What's with the name?
Condors have amazing vision - spotting prey from great heights. Also, the domain name was available. :)
I have a non-frequently asked question. What now?
Please contact us! We'd love to hear from you.
Why am I not getting emails from SiteCondor?
Check your SPAM settings and folder(s). Make sure you add info@sitecondor.com to your Safe Senders List.

When did gShift acquire SiteCondor?
SiteCondor’s acquisition by gShift was announced on August 25, 2015.
How will the acquisition of SiteCondor affect me as a customer?
The acquisition will not disrupt your current service, but only further the extent to which you can leverage a single platform to optimize your Web presence. We will be sure to communicate product integration and development plans as they unfold.
What is gShift?
gShift’s industry leading Web Presence Analytics Software Platform helps Brand and Agency teams efficiently understand and improve on the impact and engagement of a brand’s content across its web presence.